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SC Incognito of Koi Pond DVM
Best Adult
MCO in Sweden 2008.

2016-01-28 news under females.

.I have a new email adress.



Jag är fantastiskt stolt över att ha blivit utvald av Hill´s till en av top breeders i Sverige .Alla våra katter äter självklart Hill´s. Här gärna av dig till mig om du vill ta del av förmånliga uppfödarrabatter .

S*Coppermines Beata


IP S*Coppermines Sumo

S*Coppermines Sushi
new pictures in her gallery

S*Coppermines X-Box

Daboy of Koi Pond

S*Copperminse Ramona

S*Coppermines Tacoma




Welcome to Coppermines Cattery

Zombie, black tabby male

Wilmer 10 weeks

Wendy 10 weeks

Winston 10 weeks

Coppermines Winston 2,5 weeks

Coppermines Wilmer 2,5 weeks


Coppermines Wendy 2,5 weeks


S*Coppermines Scoop 10 months


CH S*Coppermines Tacoma 4,5 years

Happy 9 Birthday our sweet boy !!

Coppermines Scoop 7,5 weeks

Coppermines Trym 1 week

Coppermines Rut

Coppermines Nova ..

Candyman the Purrfect Coon 11 months


S*Coppermines Nova 3 weeks

Coppermines Love Girl 4 months

Kelly 15 weeks

Our daughter Julia with Lion King one week old

SC Incognito of Koi Pond DVM 7,5 years

S*Coppermines Ice Break 4 months & Zoriah Montgomery the Purrfect Coon 7 months

S*Coppermines Ljuvliga Julia 10 weeks

Jäger 8 weeks

S*Coppermines iPod 9 weeks

We congrat Jennie & S*Coppermines Gorm BIS 6-10 months at FIFe show in Gothenburg 16/9

S*Coppermines Ice Flake 4 weeks

AU*Zoriah Montgomery The Purrfect Coon

CH S*Streetcats Jump Jive An ´Wail aka Janne 16 months

S*Coppermines Beata .

IC S*Coppermines X-It

Congrats to S*CopperminesQuintin and his siblings at their 3year day.

SC Incognito of Koi Pond Best In Show 20/5 -12 FIFe Int Cat Show in Gothenburg

SC Incognito of Koi Pond almost 7 year HP , BOV -T and NOM 13/5 12

CH S*Coppermines Zeus JW and now National Winner in Russia FIFe /ARCCA

CH S*Coppermines Alva CAC, BOV-T And Best in Show in Italy , Bari Int catshow FIFe/Anfi

Our daughter Julia with her cat S*Coppermines Edna Bay

Eau Claire & Edna Bay 9 weeks

S*Coppermines Sushi 4 years

S*Coppermines Beata 7 months

S*Coppermines Agnes 7 months

S*Coppermines Zeus became Junior Winner 10-09-2011 in St Petersburg ,Russia

S*Streetcats Jump Jive An ´Wail 5 months

SC Incognito of Koi Pond Best in Show 19.06.2011 at Elfsborgskattens FIFe int cat show .

New pictures of Incognito in his gallery

My Captains !

Incognito of Koi Pond Supreme Champion at Liraks int catshow in Oslo /Norway 8-5-2011

Congratulations to Anna & S*Coppermines Zeus to BOB at FIFe show in Moscow 9-10 April

S*Coppermines Tacoma 1 year

Maine Misty av Persicum 2,5 years

S*Coppermines X-Box 6 months
S*Coppermines Zeus 3 weeks
S*Coppermines X-Box 4 months

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