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About us
Fife/Sverak diploma breeder


My breeding of Maine Coon cats was founded in 2002
After have beeing introduced to a blacktabbywhite, lovely female kitten 2001. There was love at first sight,
and I was caught. My cats are grown in homeinvirement and together with my children and my dog. My goal
is to breed healthy cats with a good temperament to companion, breeding and shows.

In this site I will present my cats and eventually litters as for sale. We only sell cats to qualified families
who are pledged to providing safe, loving, and healthy homes. And ofcourse Il give you a full guarantee
of the quality and health of my kittens. Are you still interested of one of my kittens, please contact me.

We invite You to come and enjoy our passion for the worlds most beautiful cats!

Catarina & Tony Rydberg 



Coppermine´s Cattery
Catarina Rydberg

Phone: + 46 709 799106
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